Readings Between the Lines is an intuitive writing process developed by creative practitioner Elizabeth Barbush. Her process of receiving and offering guidance through the written word echoes the wisdom of your higher self, calling forth inspiration, personal truth, and navigational tools for your daily life. 

Through her considered written reflections, Barbush elicits clarity and shares techniques for how to recognize, and trust your own voice, instincts, needs, and desires. Each reading explores avenues and ideas for taking action and provides support and validation through words, tone, and suggestions. 

Readings are delivered via email as a confidential written document in the form of a short story, a poem, prose, or a letter and may reflect back the reader’s individual perspective or take on the perspective of a friend, guide, or a loved one.

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I have been offering intuitive readings to clients for over six years. I learned to write for others by learning how to sit with others and listen deeply. This combined with the exploration of flow in yoga, dance, and life itself brought me to this type of writing. Throughout my career, I have embodied the roles of artist, photographer, educator, interviewer, community organizer, blogger, and writer, all the while advocating for personal voice and expression. 

I spent years recording interviews, teaching classes, photographing, and providing programs to individuals who have been traditionally silenced in underserved communities in the United States and Internationally. I have worked with ex-convict fathers in Baltimore City from first-graders in Cambodia to teenage girls in Tanzania. Through non-profit work, volunteer programs and artist in residence programs, I developed spaces for others to be heard and seen utilizing the arts and humanities. Backed by organizations such as the Maryland Humanities Council, the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, The Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Historic National Park sites and numerous community organizations, I spent thousands of hours listening to personal stories and creating platforms to share voice around sensitive issues including mental health, domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction, racial injustice, climate change and economic disparity.

After a 15 years of serving others publicly, I took a hiatus from social services work to focus on listening to and understanding my inner voice and story. Prioritizing time on self-care, mediation, and learning ancient cultural beliefs, I became a Reiki master, lived on a tropical island, worked at a health food store, created a self-help blog about letting go, and practiced the art of living and writing in the flow state. I developed ways to tap into my intuition and creativity effortlessly providing 

Listening and trusting my flow state led me to finding a new partner, new home and starting a new family.

Currently, I am living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with my partner and daughter. I spend most of my days balancing the art of parenting, making a living, and keeping my creative mind active.  I am grateful and honored to be able to write for my clients.

Please contact Elizabeth at readingsbetweenthelines@gmail.com for more information.
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