We travel upon individual paths all arriving and departing in places of pause, turns and changes along the way. Call on assistance from your inner compass to help direct your next steps forward.  Readings: Between the Lines creates a space for you to interpret and read those signs and directions.

Readings: Between the Lines is a practice of receiving and reflecting back guidance through the written word. This process mirrors back your own higher knowing and offers navigational tools, advice, and inspiration to those seeking validation or examination in their daily lives. Each reading explores avenues and possible directions for making personal decisions, actions, motives, hopes, and desires. 

The writing brings ideas and clarity and acts as a personal set of tools for the reader to utilize when solving problems, making changes and working through challenges on their own path of self-discovery. The purpose of the reading is not to tell the recipient what to do nor will it reveal the future.

Readings emerge in the form of a short story, a poem, prose, a letter or direct advice. The writing may also reflect back the reader’s own perspective of themselves or take on the perspective of a friend, guide, or a loved one.

Make a request for a reading and decide for yourself what to take and what to leave behind. It is up to you to find the meaning you, yourself are seeking. Reading between the lines will bring you closer to your destination!

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Elizabeth Barbush is a lifelong explorer in the practice of living.  With a focus on self-actualization through the connection with her higher-self, Elizabeth has focused her energies on creating physical expressions as an artist as well as shared experiences as a convener/facilitator. Through her varied career, she has acted as a photographer, educator, interviewer, community organizer,  blogger, writer and an advocate of personal voice and expression.

Currently, she offers written intuitive readings and daily dose writings as tools of guidance for those on the path of self-awareness.  She is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she is deepening her love for landscape, simple living, and cultural preservation.
Please contact Elizabeth at readingsbetweenthelines@gmail.com for more information.