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Email your full name and the type of reading you would like to In your email please also include your birth date, your full (given) name, and any defined intention or focus for the requested reading. What ideas or guidance would you like to receive?

Please forward compensation prior to receiving your reading through Paypal  using this email address 

All messages are written personally for each individual. Writings are given as inspiration and support to the reader. All life decisions and actions are ultimately made by the reader themselves. Readings Between the lines will not take responsibility for reactions or actions taken in response to any writing requested.

Select a Reading that fits your needs:


Open Message: $50 * Written guidance received with an intention and openness to accepting reflections and suggestions of how to move forward in your daily life. These messages come in the form of a typed poem, story, or letter and are typically two to four pages in length. The writing is emailed directly to your personal inbox.

Intentional Message: $60 * Written guidance received with a specific intention. Is there a question on your mind, an idea or project that you would like to expand upon, or a relationship you would like to understand more deeply? An intentional message will offer directives and guidance focused on your requested topics. In your email, write your intention out in no more than one to three sentences. This intention can be in the form of a question or a personal statement. These messages arrive via email in the form of a poem, story, or letter and are typically three to six pages in length. 

Daily Dose Message: $10 Handwritten messages utilized for daily guidance and affirmations.  These messages arrive via email in the form of a digital photograph, or a paper version of the handwritten message can be sent directly to you via postal mail. Messages are unique to you and your experience and can be placed in your personal space for visible support and validation. 


Consultation Guidance: $75 * Written directives, ideas, and observations focusing on big- picture changes and actions. This message includes a focus on intentions, hopes, desires, or blockages in success and potential opportunities. For these messages, please include the founder’s name and the month and year that the business was created.  These messages arrive via email andare typically three to six pages in length.


Mentorships are organized on a personal request basis. I work privately with individuals who wish to learn how to write in an open flow state. I offer support and guidance in creating your own flow process. Through dialogue, mediation, writing, and everyday practices, you will develop a personalized set of tools for eliciting your voice, instinct, and direction. I offer practical steps to help you start on your path and accountability measures to keep you moving. Rates for mentorships are determined based on the amount of sessions requested.

* Sliding scale rates are available for all services. Please inquire.

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