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Request a reading for guidance and support on your path to self-discovery.  Readings Between the Lines offers individual typed reflections that can assist you as you make decisions in your daily life. When we have questions or confusion surrounding our work, purpose, relationships, finances, or choices about directions to take in life, it sometimes is useful to have the questions reflected back to us in the form of conversation, validation or guidance from a good friend.

These readings offer this type of support and reflection in the form of a piece of original intuitive writing and personalized advice.  Request and receive a personalized 3-6 page document offering ideas, avenues, and suggestions about how to navigate your next steps.

Request a Reading: Email your full name and the type of reading you would like to Put the words “Reading for: and then your full first and last name” in the subject of the email. In your email please also include your birth date, your given name and any defined intention that you have for the reading.

Send Compensation first for all readings through Paypal  to this email address

If you are unsatisfied with the reading experience or feel it does not resonate with you, please feel free to request a refund.  All messages are written personally for each individual.  Writings are not meant to be taken as direct advice and the writer will not take responsibility for reactions or actions taken as a response to the writing itself.

Select a Reading that fits your needs:

For Individuals:

First Time Readings: $20 – $30 HALF OFF all prices 

Open Message: $40 – $60  (sliding scale) Written guidance received with an intention and openness to accepting reflections and suggestions of how to move forward in your daily life. These messages may come in the form of a poem, a story or a letter from a guide or loved one. These readings are typed on the computer and are typically 3-6 pages in length. The reading will be emailed directly to your inbox.

Recorded Message: $20-$30 (sliding scale) Messages are recorded through my voice and sent to you via email. Messages are about 30 minutes or less in length and are for those who prefer to receive guidance through an auditory personal spoken message rather than through reading text.

Daily Dose: $10 Messages are received through hand-written pieces that are utilized for guidance for your day as well as affirmations that can be placed on your wall or screensaver for visual support and validation. Messages are unique for you and your experience. These messages will be emailed to you as an image or can be sent directly to you in a hard copy format on paper.

For Organizations, Groups, Businesses or Partnerships:

Directional Guidance: $60-$80 Written guidance or consultation focusing on bigger picture direction, foundational intentions, blockages in success and future potential opportunities. These written messages are typically 3-6 pages in length.


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